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Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design

We specialize in providing tailored engineering design solutions. Our team is skilled in creating low-footprint, high-efficiency systems, including HVAC, central plant services, electrical power and distribution, information technology, security systems, plumbing, and fire protection.

The success of any construction project hinges on the seamless integration of these systems. Our engineers address the specific needs and constraints of each project, providing comprehensive designs to suit our clients’ specific goals.

Energy Consulting

We offer a comprehensive range of energy consulting services, including energy auditing, benchmarking, net-zero carbon abatement and utility rebate management. Our experienced engineers will analyze your energy usage patterns, identify potential areas for improvement, and assist you in optimizing your energy consumption while reducing costs.

Energy is a vital resource that directly impacts a company’s bottom line and environmental footprint. We empower organizations to make informed decisions regarding energy management, conservation, and renewable solutions. We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive energy strategies that align with their objectives, industry requirements, and budget considerations.

Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

Optimizing the performance and energy efficiency of building systems is crucial in today’s modern landscape. HRG ensures that both new and existing systems are calibrated for optimal performance and energy savings. Through our rigorous commissioning and retro-commissioning procedures, we identify and resolve performance issues, validate system functionality, and optimize energy solutions.

Whether you are constructing a new facility or seeking to improve an existing one, our team can support you.

Design Build & Small Business Direct Install

As an approved partner under New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, HRG enables businesses to leverage utility incentive programs for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. Our design-build services provide turnkey solutions that streamline the implementation process, while our Small Business Direct Install program offers direct support for small businesses looking to make energy-efficient upgrades.


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PSE&G Solutions
for Small Businesses

HRG is a Trade Ally for Small Business Direct Install and Business Energy Savers Program. We'll help you leverage these programs to upgrade equipment, capture financial incentives, and reduce energy spend.

Great results speak for themselves.

Since 2006, HRG has completed hundreds of projects, serving many diverse markets through our several service lines.

NYC Thermographic Investigation

Comprehensive electrical infrastructure assessments for several commercial real estate properties.

$10M+ GESA Project

Development and implementation of a guaranteed energy savings contract.

Steam Boiler Plant in 22-Story Highrise.

Construction of a new steam boiler plant to avoid high-priced district steam heating.