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Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

We ensure all new and existing systems are calibrated for optimal performance and energy savings.

We use a systematic process for investigating, analyzing and optimizing energy and utility systems’ performance. We make recommendations where necessary to improve or maintain good performance and efficiency. 

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Awesome energy consulting projects.

HRG has provided Commissioning/Retro-commissioning services for a wide variety of project types over the years. Thre is a good change we have recently completed a project that is very similar to your current needs.

Rooftop Unit Commissioning (Private School)

Rooftop Unit controls, sepcifically Economizer and Demand Control Ventilation (DCV), are notorious for being installed incorrectly and/or not working as intended.

Commissioning and Building Tune Up (Franklin Institute)

We performed building commissioning for the Franklin Institute as part of their city-mandated Building Tune Up.

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