Comprehensive Thermographic Investigation for NYC Buildings

NYC Commercial Real Estate portfolio leverages HRG to conduct a comprehensive thermographic assessment of their electrical infrastructure.

HRG served as the engineering consultant and prepared the final report.

One of HRG’s partners was selected to perform thermographic observations of electrical infrastructure in various buildings in NYC.  We collaborated with the site’s existing electrical contractor who provided a licensed electrician that was familiar with the building and responsible for identifying the required electrical equipment/devices and for removing and replacing panel covers as necessary for HRG to take thermographic images of the equipment.

A thermographic survey is a visual investigation, carried out by a qualified engineer, to detect abnormally high temperatures within an electrical installation. A higher-than-normal temperature indicates a problem within a system that could have serious consequences if allowed to escalate.  Reasons for an abnormal temperature include: Overloaded sockets, Loose connections, Faulty equipment, or simple fatigue.

Any of the above elements can cause temperatures to rise before the electrical system fails.

The team conducted an assessment of (7) building that comprised well over 1MSF. Specifically, HRG’s responsibilities included: 

  • Travel to and from the sites.
  • Thermographic images of electrical equipment.
  • Preparation of a report outlining our observations.
  • Provide Infrared Camera in good working order and appropriately calibrated.

This project was successfully completed and put into operation in 2022.


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